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    I have often been told
    That I look a lot like
    My father, but that
    I have my mother's eyes
    (Harry Potter anyone?)
    I am almost certain that
    I got my love for reading
    From my mum, who always
    Read (and still reads) late
    Into the night, and my
    Love for sports from my dad
    Who used to follow match updates
    The nights before his final exams.

    I have often been told
    I have a quiet disposition
    Rarely flustered and mostly smiling
    Similar to my dad, except for
    Those moments when we
    Both explode with volcanic rage
    Unlike my mum who's often
    On the edge of her emotions
    Lashing out at the smallest
    Things, before calming down
    Just as quickly on her own.

    I am often torn with indecision
    If I am like my mum
    Who often forgives but never forgets
    Or if I am like dad
    Who often forgets but never forgives
    Though I guess I tend
    To lean towards mum
    In this particular scenario.

    There are times when I am
    Told that the way I carry myself
    And the things I do is exactly
    What my mum or dad would have
    Done, and at other times
    I do things so differently
    That they can't help but think
    If the apple fell too far from the tree.

    - Avitaj

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    The most important thing parents can teach their children is how to get along without them.

    - Frank A Clark