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    Like the falling
    leaves in windy
    day they fall to
    fulfill other's wish
    accepting the paleness
    in the heart op-
    -en innocent face bei-
    -ng a victim where th-
    ey to- -rment for d load gre-
    -ed & never judge the food
    as they struggle to income
    each and evey morsel
    where education seems
    a fruit of heaven. what's ?
    What's their fault ? their birth or their pare
    nts who fail to take the responsibility for
    multiple birth? What's their fault the
    people who gives them
    chance to income or th
    -eir parents who send
    their child to income m
    -oney.What's their fault
    their fate or the illiteracy
    and stupidity of their
    parents ?? Who should
    be punished ? Their parents
    who send their children to do
    harmful or any kind of work
    or the man who does Harmful
    work as he is pay-
    -ing for it ?Child
    -ren are the fut
    ure of count
    ry but what
    about their future whenever they are
    squirming to appetite their hunger and push own self to the land of nightmare where each moment will haunt their psychology.....

    ~Child labour A blot
    of 21st century that shows
    face under shadow..

    ~ Illiteracy
    allows all superstition
    being a scar...


    Truly greatful... Thank you for the Ec����

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