• dusky_dawn 30w


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    Dry Skin.Swollen lips.
    I Chewed them hard last night
    Running low on h2o
    I emptied the jug that was high on it.

    Swollen lips. Wet skin.
    Drops dropped from all angles.
    My stomach shouted "Is it summer"?
    Scalp blabbered curses every second.
    Rain(drop)ped drops of h2o every minute.

    Wet skin. Burning back
    Calemine calmed the chaos a little
    But lips screamed "Is it on fire"?
    Rubbed the palms, Breathing drop(ped)
    I chewed the lips a little.
    Sat still and sick to the stomach
    Slept slowly and slowly.

    The drops drop(ped) were invisible.
    "It's all in your head"I whispered
    But the burning back?I questioned
    "It's all in your sick head".