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    ����Entry for this part is Closed����

    Women's Day Challenge - Part Il

    ��Topic of second part challenge is " She a Hellfire dipped in Holy Water / அவள் புனிதநீரில் மூழ்கவைத்த நரகநெருப்பு " (Given line is topic. It's not necessary phrase or title. So, understand the topic and write your post in your way)

    �� Use #p2h_womens_day2 for this challenge part. (Only for this challenge part)

    ��Your post must have to be within 16 lines only.

    ��Must be in poetic form. Your lines must be within 5 words (Not more than 5).

    ��No sexual content allowed.

    �� Only original work. No plagiarism.

    �� You can use picture as your wish. But, if your content not visible because of your image you must have to put it in Caption section.(unclear posts will automatically get disqualified.)

    ��You can't add tittle for your post .

    �� Language : Tamil & English only (If other language writers wish to participate you must give translation in either Tamil or English).

    ��Image credit to it's rightful owner.

    �� You must participate all part of this challenge as participants. If you miss any part you already withdrawing yourself from this challenge.

    Reference :

    �� "women's Day" Challenge will be similar to "Valentine's Day Series" Challenge. But litte twist in it. Let's check.

    ��The Challenge will be held on 4 parts.

    ��Tamil & English only

    ��For first part I will give one topic you have to write about that topic for first day.

    ��Like first day I will give second, third & fourth day their respective topics you have to write about that.

    ��First, Second, third days your post have to be within 16 lines only.

    ��Must be in poetic form. Only 5 words allowed for a line.

    ��Fourth & final day of challenge you have to write about given topic.

    ��And you have to select the lines(only within 20 lines) from your all posts and post it as final post with adding title.(last post must be from your 1,2,3 & 4 part only)

    ��You can't add tittle for your post before last day.

    ��You can't merge your everyday content before last day.

    ��You have to post your post seperately for every part untill last day.

    �� Entry for the challenge is open till 12:00 PM of Saturday (7th March 2k20).

    �� "Women's Day Challenge will be end on 10:00PM at 8th March 2k20

    �� People who participated from the 1st part only can be considered part of this challenge.

    ��Seperate hastag for everyday will be given to you.

    ♦️To participate in this challenge you have to follow all given rules. Interested people only participate.

    ��Winner will be awarded with E-CERTIFICATE.

    ��Guys spread this Challenge by reposting and tagging to many writers to participate��.

    ��For Tamil Posts : #tamil_p2h(Strictly for Tamil post only)

    �� For other post use : #poem2heart #p2h

    ��Use the correct tag for the challenge. For other posts don't use this challenge.

    ��It's for fun so enjoy everyone feel free to participate . To participate in old challenge use #p2h_all (Only for old challenge by Poem2heart)
    ��Use the correct tag for the challenge. For other posts don't use this challenge tag. Don't tag me using my Mirakee Id and don't mention in your comment section for a read. I will Only read # tag posts other tagging method will be ignored.

    �� Tag only Tamil & English posts.

    �� As you notice I always prefer only poems. Because, in poem we can explain lot in minimum words. And time saving. For me poem is much understandable than page long stories.

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