• shrutishakya 79w

    On the other side of THE LINE

    What is this place?
    That has filth not even in trace.
    What is this place?
    That defines beauty in all its ways.
    How can a place be so divine,
    That it appears to be on the other side of THE LINE.

    I had no clue where I was,
    And how I ended up in a place sans any flaws.
    I kept on walking guessing where could I be,
    And my eyes rolled on serenity that any human eye could ever see.
    The ground looked as if made of alabaster,
    And the wind seemed to blow faster.
    The air there was the medicine
    To all of mans' stress and sin.
    The water was like a stream of pearls
    That made me forget all the worldly hurls.

    I walked and walked to reach the farthest isle,
    With a hope to never resile
    But to know was this place for real?
    As not on Earth can a place be so surreal.
    It all seemed like a pleasant hoax.
    And then I caught a glimpse of some folks
    Who looked so merciful
    As that place so beautiful.

    I went to them to get rid of all my doubt
    But they turned to me only to blow me out.
    How could this even be true as they were all long gone
    One of them was my grandpa and another my little brother stillborn.
    My grandpa came to me to say
    "Child, from that gawky world, you parted your way!!
    Your last sleep was your last leap
    And this beauty is a sign
    That you are ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE LINE!!"
    © shrutishakya

    #mirakee #writersnetwork

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