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    She made a quick exit from his cabin, only to find herself collided with Tarun, who was excited to meet her.

    "Hey, are you fine?"
    "Of.. ofcourse! Tarun! You here?", Nymous spoke with a voice mixed with tears.
    "You don't look fine, Nymous. What happened? Did Anon said something?"
    "Umm, nothing like that, Tarun! It was just a small meet, what could he do in few minutes!"
    "So how's your plan going, for the seminar? I didn't have any clue, that company is organising a seminar. Specially after the bumper profit we made last week! May be Anon plans to go international!", Tarun chuckled.
    "I need to be with my team, Tarun. Why don't you see me after your working hours! We're staying in the hotel Suncity.", Nymous spoke hurriedly.
    "Sure!", Tarun said awkwardly.

    He entered Anon's cabin and found him lying in his chair, with his one hand on the forehead, and the other crumpling some paper. There was a sense of guilt dripping down his face. He was mumbling something to himself, the typical stressed out, Anon.

    "Hello sir, i wanted to..."
    "Get out of here, Tarun! I ain't in any mood to have any discussion!"
    "You shouldn't have ill-treated Nymous, then!"
    "Oh, come on, I don't want any discussion around it. You're already in her team, even though you were my friend!"
    "Were? I'm not sure about you, but you're still my friend. And i care about you, that's why i am telling you to not do anything just to feed your ego, and lose the second opportunity to be with her!"
    "Lose any opportunity? I don't want her back! Who's she? The one who left me! Even though she has promised she'd never leave me."
    "Because you didn't pay her any attention! At the time she was busy with her start up plan, the time she needed you the most, you were careless..."
    "Careless? Me? I told her several times, that all I'm earning would be the investment for our start up! That idea of start up was ours! We thought to do it together. I'll manage the company, and she'd manage the stage. The perfect plan. But it needed investment! I earned for her..."
    "She never needed the money, she needed your time. To look for the locations, to deal with clients. She needed your support. You had enough money then, to begin. Come on, Anon, you knew.."

    "Start ups are not done in a hurry. Even if you've a little investment, you have to look for the time when you'll go in loss and all. But all she has to do was hurrying up things. Look at my growth, I've become CEO. If I've not worked this hard, where i would be? May be we both were ruined in our start up. But she partnered with Devu, that's why she's here. If she were with me.."

    "She'd be sitting idle at your place, still asking for your time. Come on, Anon! We all know how passionate she has always been, and it's perfectly obvious for her to be. She is so hardworking, why does she need to wait for anyone to help her? Still she waited for you. She gave you 6 months, good enough time. She never asked you to leave your job, though you should have done that, as per your plan. She isn't the one who would left her dreams, who'd give up on her passion, because she's in love with someone. And we all know that. That time, she left you so that her goals don't become a hindrance to your career. She never stopped loving you. And i know you love her too! So when destiny has given you another chance, when you both are doing what you're interested in, don't lose it to your ego!", Tarun spoke in one go, trying his best to take Anon out of his guilt and past.

    "I don't love her now! I've Surbhi, as you all know!", Anon spoke in a mild tone.
    "You think you've fooled us? Arjun and Nymous knew it that day only, though i was stupid enough to fall for your trap again! But ofcourse, i realised it later. You know what, your eyes can't hide your feelings for a person. Your eyes.."
    "Eyes! Eyes! Eyes! I'm so done with everything. Don't forget I'm your boss, Tarun. I guess, I've entertained you enough as a friend, and your desk would be waiting for you. So let's get professional for now, and leave the cabin. We can discuss about our personal lives later on!", Anon said abruptly, putting a full stop on the topic.

    Tarun left the cabin, and Anon fall back into his chair tired. Tired of running from himself.


    To be continued..

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    The Second Sight

    Part - 14

    She isn't the one who would left her dreams, who'd give up on her passion, because she's in love with someone.