• pinkfloyduwu 8w

    Oh! My weeping heart, who found no reprise—

    Neither in the blessedness of God or human sight,

    In this world of bronze, the scorching heart of gold, silver their tan and metal of eyes; the kind of people reside.

    To your desire to be filled why I had to suffer, why sought love on the land of the dead,

    Why cultivate hope on land barren; because I know my tree is in Ashes,

    You who could have slept eternity without a glimpse of light — why? I said why, have you chosen a path of which every human is bound to loom— and doom they met.

    But I know you won't listen, listen not, I said to you now — not until you found — reason be whatever you started this journey for,

    So god's blessing is with you, may you meet wonderful companions and yourself too.