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    [things i said at 3 am]

    His eyes were so blue,I could mistake them for an ocean or pearls with unknown origin. It seemed ike the universe had lost a part of itself and somehow adjusted in his eye-sockets. I told him everything about the way he looks a little broken and lost and everything about the way I want to love him in the emptiness and dark. I traced my glittering fingers over every wound and scar of his to let him know that I will be there to fix all of his fragments and calm the unsettling and chaotic hurricanes of his soul.

    [things i said too quietly]

    "your brokenness is piercing my soul" I whispered under my breath as he pushed me on the floor and I pierced my hand on the broken shards of the wine glass. The dripping blood mixed with the mahogany wine and an aura of betrayal filled the air. My brain started recalling every definition of the word abuse and I pushed the thought away. " He just needs some time" I said to myself quitely. Later that day he bought me my favourite flowers, daisies and lavenders and apologized for the chaos that revolves around him. The fresh fragrance of flowers tickled my nostrils and dried all the tears away.

    [things i didn't say at all]

    The rustle of falling autumn leaves and the stormy weather blended with the sound of hurricane that had originated somewhere within him, it was a kind of destructive force that was born to crush everything into chunks ; me, our home ,dying summer and all the happiness. I accepted the fall of universe without any rebellion just like the summer had surrendered itself completely to another season. I didn't try to stop him when he crushed all of the memories we had been building since years neither did I say anything about the blinding darkness that was making me lose parts of myself.

    [things i said under the stars]

    "It's a beautiful feeling to choose yourself over all the mess. No other person can fix the brokenness of another human. For the injured and broken parts demand self love, flooding from emptiness of ones own heart", I said to myself as I felt the dewy grass beneath of cold feet. Every inch of my skin was twitching with bliss as I stared at the empty yet starry sky and promised to choose myself over everything, again and again.
    ~ Aleesa Khan
    @miraquill @writersnetwork #thingsyousaid

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