• squared 6w

    “I found a way to live
    by gazing stars and meeting poetry
    an art that I could never touch but feel
    You were still a being; something alive”.

    I have some stones to block
    the world, which says
    love is just another sector of lie
    in which we live
    and a black magic along with it.

    But before doing it I feel
    illegal to commit my own words
    because never did I feel
    the emotion of love I just came across
    with a mistake unintentional.

    I thought I would find myself
    and erase the lyrics that I sang
    with agony and my self isolated heart
    but instead found you and lost everything
    of me that I collected via my own verse.

    I offered you my hair and my
    sensual skin, priceless. Time, love and
    the loop of forever was everything I sheltered with your hands but when did I loose my own
    name, worth and your loyalty, I didn’t know.

    I became much of thorns for you
    and scratched evil eyes to save your smile
    but when did I become this scary that you found a nightingale of your own and I was just
    another curse you gave on to your enemies.

    I guess I was too much of concern
    and less of care that made you doubt about
    my innocence. You know, you were my first and
    and I didn’t know how to love. I’ll neither beg nor die to hear your voice again, I promise.

    Cause with you I have scattered my
    own smirk and my wholesome laughters, you see. I miss myself along with you and I’ll keep
    doing it with a fact that I have misplaced these two. And now believe, I didn’t change i just built myself.

    Time keeps on running even if
    we hold them with some people who
    feel more like a part of our closest breathe and
    these breathe makes me suffocated sometimes but, I survive.

    I hope we find a reason to meet again
    either the fall of good rain or clash of our paper plane, but not again with a collision by mistake.

    With every end, there’s hope buying your tomorrow with someone of your deservance. I thought that love would last for ever: I was wrong.


    Hi, to many mellow beings here!��️
    An attempt towards writing again.
    Thank-you for reading.

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    You were the quill
    I kept within my hair
    and so gently
    you fell upon others poetry.