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    People pleaser

    These brown walls of my smoky whare
    have been a testament to the brawls
    I had between my calamus and my heart,
    which is recalcitrant; I usually
    disregarded the pleas of my quill —
    to write my undemanding thoughts
    ad be forthright as a writer should
    And gratuitously gave in to the likes
    of the latter, by being dishonest to myself.
    / I became a C R I M I N A L/

    I wrote under the dim light of the candle
    About philosophical ideologies of which,
    I myself was unaware— those crumpled
    pages laughed at my foolish attempts
    to pen down notions and emotions which
    I had never experienced in my lifetime,
    And yet again my inflexibility infiltrated,
    through the cracks on my wall which
    I never bothered to repair—it screamed—
    Please the audience! Please the readers!
    / I became a S L A V E/

    Time flew by; the candles on my broken desk
    was replaced with a black lantern,
    I became a rich man, with untainted glory;
    I became a rag man with a rudimentary
    approach towards literature; I failed
    to enjoy the process of writing while I learnt
    to grab the fruits of my undeserving success
    / I became a P R I S O N E R/

    There was chaos outside the door of my shack
    It was deafening—the limelight that drove away
    my shadow, was dreaded by me,
    I entered inside perforce, only to despise
    the darkness that had set in; my sun was sinking,
    Somewhere my conscience was loathing me
    I was feeling shallow— my ink had created
    poetries which everyone fancied except me,
    I saw Anne's diary and she comforted me—
    "I can shake off everything as I write,
    My sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn"
    I added— If only I write for my own self,
    If only I stop gratifying the crowd;
    I realised that I am a part of it too—
    And my own happiness matters a lot, to me.
    / I became T R U T H F U L/


    Prompt used : Darkness In The Limelight

    Book: The Diary Of A Young Girl (as I am currently reading it and it has already affected me a lot)

    Line used: I can shake off everything as I write, my sorrows disappear, my courage is reborn.

    Thank you for organizing the challenge and letting me participate! @say_me_krish I think this is the first time I am writing something based on your prompts :)

    @writersnetwork @mirakee
    #smk_avaap_ch #writersnetwork #challenge #prompt #prose #poetry #creativity #life

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