• ckeerthana 18w

    Let it go
    Not because it's hurting you
    But atleast for your peace

    Let it go
    Even when you
    Find it disturbing

    Let it go
    For all it takes only
    Your precious time

    Let it go
    Because nothing can change
    What is meant to happen

    Let it go
    For ,we all are just an actor
    Playing the role what God has decided

    Let it go
    Because we can only change the direction
    But not the path that is already destined

    Let it go
    As all of us are one
    And all we want is just happiness

    Let it go
    Not because someone deserves it
    But just for your contentment

    Let it go.......

    #mirakee #2022 #happy #letitgo #God #role

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    Let it go