• ___adi 173w


    It was a chilling night,
    Though the moon was shining very bright.
    I was in a village in Bihar,
    Lying on the terrace and admiring the brightest star.
    Then suddenly, I got some strong vibes,
    That someone was staring me with his cruel eyes.
    I was on my legs in a fraction of a second,
    Searching for the person every corner and end.
    But he was nowhere to be seen,
    Again I lied on the terrace and soon went into a deep dream.
    While I was sleeping,
    I could make it out that somebody sitting beside me was weeping.
    As soon as I opened my sleepy eyes,
    I could no longer hear the cries.
    This time I was pretty sure of his presence,
    So I stood up with my angry face which was lacking in patience.
    I walked to the centre and cried,
    "If you dare to test my patience then come in front and try".
    As soon as I finished saying this,
    A man appeared in front ,crawling on his elbows and knees.
    My angry eyes soon filled up with tears for mercy,
    But he didn't care and kept on moving with eyes full of fiery.
    My heartbeat was growing faster,
    I became more depressed after hearing his wicked laughter.
    I was so frightened that I fainted under the moon,
    When I opened my eyes I was in my dad's room.
    After asking a bunch of questions,
    I got to know that my dad bought me down and indirectly saved me from the situation.
    I have never said anyone about that dreadful night,
    Due to which I am still afraid to go alone on terrace in bright daylight