• spoiledwifeslifediary 64w

    I am The Lost Soul

    I am,
    Who Am I?
    I am The Lost Soul..
    What do I feel
    I feel bizarre..
    I feel nothing..
    I feel empty..
    I feel feeling less..
    My Inner demons dance all night,
    Yet I am wide awake with fake smile for your each eye sight.
    I am with house full of loving people,
    But strangled by demons who lives within me.
    Oh, where do they come from?
    Unaware, May be bottled up strange feelings.
    I get up with heavy heart aches each morning,
    With a thought to get pass by these darker dreams..
    Still so clueless as they haunt me in bright daylight
    I thought a warmth of lukewarm water will make feel ounce lighter..
    I run my feets through a heated pool in my backyard
    Touch of water drops to my toes gives me a shiver..
    And tear roll out my eye,
    And kept rolling ..
    I was sobbing my eyes out..
    Tear became infinite tears..
    Unaccounted pain and known suffering.
    Oh, those sweet Cherished memories have become salty again,
    With mere remembrance of unknown you.
    This very moment
    I got lost, lost in sea (thoughts process) , No where to be found..
    Searching my self again and again,
    Diving in to find myself deep within
    But no luck till now.
    Just then, I hear someone calling me,
    Hey Honey, where are you..?
    I am here by the pool be right there..!!
    I quickly get back to feeling bizarre
    Get ready in few seconds to give you all a fake smile for your eye sights.
    And yet again
    Who am I?
    I am "The Lost Soul"
    Ar. Rashmi S Lathi