• mariateresa 5w

    After a lifetime of trauma, today I had another major breakthrough along this healing journey. I've been physically returned to my body, grounded and released from blockages, stagnant energy that my body was holding in my bones. Trauma will stay stored in the body until the inner work allows it to be released. Today, while working with an intuitive therapist, my body finally let go. This is a much needed step forward that I've been waiting for for ten years. The peace I feel inside is incredible. Full circle moment of understanding why I put myself in certain situations in the past and feeling proud of myself for all the hard work it took to get here. Healing from our human condition stretches out over our entire lifetime. Happy to be arriving upon a deeper peace inside, so much love and abundance of joy! Here's to continuing to keep my head high while "Triumphing over Trauma".

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    Upon Arrival

    Opening my eyes as if for the first time
    Arriving here from a place far beyond into a brand new town
    A vast city of wonder with a beating heart that's true
    I'm here and finally detached from you
    Love was something that I chased
    Discovering that nothing but my own could ever fill the space
    Love within me grows like wildflowers
    Collected from meadows, blooming scented Divine essence and power
    Grounded in with gratefulness and grace
    No longer is love something that I desire to chase
    Opening the door, no longer in fear
    Attracting what's meant for me to be planted gathers near
    Balance of giving processed by allowing myself to receive
    Worthiness of spirit is the truth I finally believe