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    //oh how easy it is to slip on this shapeless, humming loneliness until it takes the form of my skin. i'm a forsaken deity, learning to come to terms with what's left of her ruins. the world goes on spinning. restless as my thoughts, yet immobile as feet. it goes on spinning — leaving, never slowing itself down for anyone.//

    ~Fray Narte.

    I was very close to healing,
    You came and played again
    With my feeling.

    In all those fake promises,
    You gave me empty premises.

    I was leaving the graveyard,
    You rooted out the plants in
    my yard.

    Seeds, still to born.
    Love, still to bloom.
    I, still to ache.
    You, still to break.
    Us, still to separate.

    I was very close to healing,
    You very very close to leaving.

    I was very close to dying,
    You were very close to surmise my death.

    I was a sunset person,
    You made me a sunset.
    An omen, bad.
    Hope, I had.

    Avalanche, swept me to death.
    Snows, you loved them, didn't you?

    I wanted to die banging my head on the cemetery of my skin.
    You wanted to see a canvas on a sunset with the painting analogous to the ones that Van Gogh painted and died.

    I tried your way of writing quotes first.. @surefire you're ������������������, ������ ��������.

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