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    Life never shows its colours until you decide to start living. Warmth never knocks at your rusting door until you decide to melt your blue clouds into vials full of rains. And if everything lush in your life is wilting to fall apart, still there's beauty in it.

    There's beauty in the leaves of fall, shriveled and skinned, which flutter down to touch the ground. Their mild hues of apricot and honey orange paint the streets into a shattered artwork.

    When goldenrods are swinging in winds and welcoming a sour daylight, you know an another ephemeral season is coming, clenching a feeling so faint yet so overwhelming. Mist saunters on the streets so glamourously and sunshine flickers through it, like a holy enchantment. This is how the inception of September looks like.

    September is a florist's shop with a melange of blooms, foggy windows where little droplets skim off the surface like saturated feelings, and a vintage lighting bathing the room. Little shrubberies lie on walnut wood shelves, and the delicate ceramic pots contain a homely smell of soil. Walls are painted in chocolate brown. And the fragrance of sage and rosemaries hang around, alongwith a whiff of peace.

    Everything has turned beautiful in fall. September's sinking in the wineglass of every emotion. In the streaks of sunlight, you see golden glitter and it soothes you somehow, even though you know it's only dust. There's sadness in autumn's breath, and there's pleasure in its velvet palette. So similar to life. And the most haunting thing about it is that every beauty in it is ephemeral. Life does the same thing. It sprinkles every beautiful emotion at once, it's your choice to live them, for it's not your choice to keep them forever with yourself.

    Like bunches of oakleaf hydrangeas blooming to life one by one, it'll give you reasons to love, and live. Memories to keep between diary pages and pressed petals, feelings to lace around dust-filled chest. Soak yourself in warmth, from the fire-breathing grates, till you feel like September's sinking in your blood.

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    Inspiration: @shashagilbert_ :')

    Thank you so much @writersnetwork! (◍•ᴗ•◍)

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