• tamanna3 20w

    • A bird that flies amidst growls of thunder
    • A salient voice that is sucked into a void
    • A fairytale that lives in a world of wars
    • A sunflower that is in love with the moon

    I gather four torn pieces of a letter and twenty
    three petals of black roses, then lay them side by side, willing to witness a work of farewell. But this silence is deafening and my mind too tired, to pick the handful of remnant voices in a dying wind. I steal a last glance before taking on the same way to an end.

    ( maybe I'm wrong, maybe this isn't the beginning of an end- the thoughts echo louder than ever, but it's time, as always )

    An hour passes, or perhaps two.

    There's another letter at the doorstep, and a bunch of roses. A group of poets and another group of florists enter through the backdoor. They spend an hour, and leave.
    Just like that.

    Farewells are never easy. Unsaid goodbyes are tougher. For all the world and its people debate on, life oscillates between predictability
    and coincidences. A cosmos of thoughts in the
    mind and another of stellar orbs outside. For even the sky is a misnomer to a dweller beyond ours.

    A million years pass by in a flash. Our perception
    of years, only a mere tool to help us survive the brevity of an existence.

    I replay a jouska of yesterday but it plainly gives away the mundanity of days I'm living. I convince myself saying, atleast these emotions name me alive. For what's in a farewell, is also in voids. And it smells of an old love.

    You and I, we're all living at ENDS.

    - Tam

    / To all the unsaid goodbyes, and voided presences /

    Edit - This post is directed (in a quite indirect way) to the people I met here, who left without a goodbye. Unsaid words of farewell hurt more, still we can't stop loving the ones who left. I'm putting this up only later, coz I couldn't tell them anyway. It's been a long time here, and things just happen. People happen. But some day, we've to let go of everything, coz they just go anyway.

    A farewell is a #paradox , including this. Khamsamnida Yeoreobun ��

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