• pen_and_paper 68w

    Title credits: Read somewhere.

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    The way of the thief

    Love is scattered in the air,
    in between the slightest gap
    between the houses,
    the streets where no one
    cares to look
    They say, I live there
    homeless and yet
    I plant a tree,
    kill a man.
    I have my house
    like you
    under this sky
    beneath the clouds.

    Don't dare to look for me
    I ain't a criminal who steals your peace,
    I'm just a passenger,
    I wave hands
    and ask for what's mine.
    I love to smile back,
    on your smiles,
    Yet they say,
    don't give your heart
    to a thief
    He'll run away,
    And if you look into his eyes
    for long,
    he'll steal the gaze,
    For he loves to steal,
    what's he thinks
    is his own.
    He will return every night,
    when you think,
    he is long gone.