• thesagacontinues07 35w

    Mental mind.

    Staggering mind

    Dagger inside,

    Dragging a lie,

    Which had lost its life.

    Flawed in a scheme full of sorted regimes,

    Sought to be seen one of few who only fought to extreme,

    When thoughts intervened, they brainwashed completely,

    And the fake audience speaking framed scoffing discreetly,

    As a disguised appreciation in the name,

    Of right initiative which was far from endgame.

    I'm gradually slowing down,

    Imaginary clouds are surrounding now,

    Battering thoughts interferes,

    With a frown, they enter, fears.

    What is actually happening is,

    That this all so saddening,

    Ravaging all the existing emotions,

    Scavenging for new explorable potions,

    Or spells that'll make me dwell in a rather new realm,

    Besides this dark hell where I'm chained with a belt,

    Of insanity and lacking profanity, I yell,

    Fuck it all, I just want some anti gravity help,

    So that it could bring me up, because I've been down for a while,

    From all the numbness shoved in my face, I forgot how to smile.

    With a rambunctious amount of thoughts,

    I consciously filter it out,

    And jot it down in the most decent manner somehow,

    From life to death to again life, I'll be wandering around.