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    Life is a perspective put together by nature. Everything in us starts by nature, a creation of nature, continues with her nourishment, ends in her own laps and essence, and that's how it's meant to be. You never know how much of herself she puts out in vibrant hues just to see that contented smile on your face. It is how her heart is - a labyrinth with unending curves leading to the point where you feel that everything is alright, but actually isn't. There is more than just haemoglobin being pumped; there are also different shades created by her flaws only to put them all in different slots and fit it in style. A style that suits your smile.

    When all these colours can come over a conference and agree to hug each other like it has always been a great morning with linen clouds and silky sunshines, she births her best form as a rainbow. When darkness still resides inside her own labyrinth of suffering, she knows that she serves a purpose to have the mankind in fountains of happiness, and she paints those blemishes with warnishes only to let know that she has won the worst of battles plotted for her with a triumph so strong that you stay surprised. She isn't worth just two normal almonds which can observe only those seven colours and take a snapshot with mere shutters. Special immortals deserve an artistic sight which can find more than a myriad tinges she has painted on her canvas, and yet say that there lies more than just these colours. Shades of an unending lifetime. Chaos. Darkness. Battles.

    And yet she chooses understanding over everything, and molds herself into something more than an incarnation. Faith. Smile. Love. She deserves more than mere words painted green. And they don't suffice the stardust she has sprinkled on her planet to see the humankind together. Nature is more than just a person, she is a vibe who demands to be felt. And when you've done that, you've found a perfect person in the distant horizon.

    ~ S r i K r i s h n a P S | July 10, 2021

    @manasaa Thank you for staying there, always. I've learnt virtues from you for which I'm always grateful. I also hope you remember why I posted this by 10 am.

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