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    "तुम एक लडक़ी हो और हमारे घर में लड़कियों को पढ़ाया नहीं जाता, उनका काम केवल इतना होता है कि वो बड़ी हो और ब्याह कर अपने घर चली जाएं"

    My Grandma was 6 when she was told this by her father cause the thing she asked for was, books to study basic acronyms of the Hindi language, this all seems to be meaningless as of today, right?
    but, it did happen with her and I'm sure she wasn't the ONLY one back then, just for the sake they were women they were not allowed to study cause if they will study they might be able to recognize the difference between, what is right and what is wrong, isn't it?
    All they were supposed to do was, give birth to a new life, which would be better if a boy resides in that womb cause again if she would be a girl they would have to search for someone who could keep her cause of course she had no right over her own body.

    Now, if I am talking about my grandma's childhood then this incident isn't older than 70 years so if you go deep and think a little further what would have been the Challenges those would have faced by Maa Savitri Bai Phule some 180 years ago, to think only about it is so frightening but she did, she didn't quit and ultimately she won!

    She never discriminated between, The so-called Upper Caste and The lower caste as she belonged to the Shudra Community and knew how it felt to be discriminated against based on the family you are born in, for her anyone sitting in her class was a student seeking enlightenment, and nothing more.

    The Concepts of Women Education, Saving Girl Child, Mid-day Meals in schools for Backward Children, Scholarships for poor and needy students may sound like concepts being introduced by some government at a particular time but they were all introduced by her, cause for her if you are women and you're educated and healthy you would make a whole generation ahead of yours educated and nurtured.

    Today, On her 190th Birth Anniversary, I Bow Down to and Thank her for all she did, so that today I could convey my thoughts to all of you.

    "स्वाभिमान से जीने के लिए पढ़ाई करो, पाठशाला ही इंसान का सच्चा गहना है।"
    सावित्री बाई फुले।


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