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    Abhinav noticed Kritika hustling around, on calls and messages. He felt weird, though that was the kind of Kritika, he met during their school days. He was happy to get her back. When you know you're loved, every place feels like home. He was finally at home, after about 2 years. He relaxed like there was no tomorrow.

    "Kitten, come, let's cuddle. What you doin'?"
    "You sleep, Abhi. I'm busy, it'd take me an hour or so!"
    "Busy? At this time? With? Some client or the.."
    "With Aditya. Who else?"

    He felt a lump in his throat. He knew there was some kind of tuning, between them, but Aditya had never spoken about it to Abhinav, and so had Kritika. This time she spoke straightforwardly. He felt happy about it, but he wanted to know the reason.

    "I see. Has your work not over on his rooftop?"
    "You're not listening, Kritika."
    "I told you, I'm busy, wait."

    She threw her phone on blanket, and jumped onto his lap. He rolled her into his arms, and she gave him a goodnight kiss. He didn't want to let her go, so he pushed her beneath herself.

    "Offo, Abhi. We're not on our honeymoon."
    "So we need to go to a new place, to make love?"
    "There are some rules.."
    "And we should fulfill them even when we're married for two years?"
    "We've just begun, Abhi. That marriage wasn't a relationship, it was merely a bond. It means nothing to me, since i know it has only felt like a cage. I did it for my dad's happiness."

    Abhinav's arm loosened on the thought of it. And she slipped away, got her phone, and ran to his room. For now, his room was converted to late night meeting room, and her room was their bedroom. He knew how hard it has always been for Kritika to adapt to new things.

    "Don't keep texting for long. Okay?"
    "Tell Aditya to shut up first. He talks a lot."
    "Hmm.. (i .. wish if i could do so)"
    "Did you say something?"
    "Nothing. Goodnight kitten. Come soon!"

    It was kind of a routine observation for Abhinav, to see her texting and calling people, and laughing while discussing her things. And everytime he'd casually ask, the name would be, "Aditya". He felt jealous initially, but when the things didn't stop, even after a week, he realised may be Kritika has something in her heart for Aditya. But everytime he went closer to her, she'd shower all her love onto him. He felt confused, and he found it was better to stay near her, rather than overthink alone, about his fears.

    "You look happier these days, Master."
    "She's crazy, Mr. Mehra."
    "And you're involving me too in your crazy plans?"
    "That's her wish. What can i say?"
    "It's hard to believe that you've given your controller to her. I mean, people usually do this with their partners."
    "She's my partner in crime."
    "Haha! Indeed. She is. I've never thought that Mrs. Kapoor will be so childish. She's perfect with you."
    "I know, and nowadays she feels it too. I'm worried about Abhinav, i hope he didn't feel cheated in the end."
    "I guess, he'd have guessed it by now. I've seen him checking on you many times. He's feeling jealous these days."
    "If i were him, i too would have felt it. Kritika can make anyone feel so."
    "So what's my role?"
    "That's not yet revealed!"
    "You see. Even you're under her control."
    "She's a better master, master!"


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    The Best Man

    Part - 24

    When you know you're loved, every place feels like home.