• magikarp 65w


    Just a wretched waste of space trying to belong in this place forsaken and void of hope less than begging for help when love smiles with a "Nope." Crooked teeth and bloody nose and no one knows this is just how it goes on the basis daily worsening lately these words are useless as my resolve to evolve when love ceaselessly devolves from two to too much more than a simple bloody war. Like a joke shopping with wallet full yet still broke like a poor bloke with spirit stifled and choked by secondhand smoke from a cigarette's ashes falling like sand castles under waves of false pretense and duality. Breathe in and taste the poison filling you to the brim with the sweet sin of deceit burying you beneath six feet of dirty lies and abuse. What am I actually worth beyond these ashes and dirt that makes up all that I am when no one exists to disprove these lies that swim through my eyes.