• quagmire_ 35w

    Do whatever you can to move away from a person who you once loved..
    But never regret the things you did for love..
    It's okay if the other person doesn't feel the same for you new..
    It's okay if the other person walked away leaving you in a mess..
    Because that's what people do..
    They leave..
    People are like good times
    They don't last long ��
    But whatever you have of them
    Is to be embraced..
    So don't regret your efforts.
    Don't regret a single thing you did to get yourself loved..
    (And by this I doesn't mean you should appreciate your hurting yourself for someone to love you..
    If you hurt yourself for to love you..
    You're a total idiot..
    You don't know how to make someone love you )

    All I meant to say is that..
    Efforts aren't made to be regretted later..
    If you are putting efforts only till the other person is reciprocating it back..
    Then no point doing it ��..

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