• seyfert 52w

    I recently earned one year on mirakee and through this stint of mine I stumbled upon so many people, some stayed, some walked and some managed a place in my heart and to be honest you fall in the third category.

    To be very honest, when I first saw your account it was a black Display with a one-liner in the bio, and that very squint carved the picture of a badass damsel who didn't give a shit about anyone and made me create distance but then one fine day you commented on one of my posts and I was so guilty of thinking that trash!

    Man, you are one of those few people who are the best Melange of Affection and Savageness, God Damn those replies, and of course your sense of humor,

    *bows down*

    I loveeeee the way you waste people's replies and add to their plight with humor!
    Just keep this good work up. xD

    More power to your Brain. :p

    //you're a butterfly, blooming and helping bloom every flower around her//

    On this day of yours, I just wish that you receive all that you wish for.

    I love you and you matter✨
    Stay Savage, Stay Same ��

    Happy Birthday Ananya. ❤️

    @tengoku ��

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