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    Have you ever looked at the settling leaves; raving through the storm, madly covering the streets and finally falling into a silent heap with others like them, quiet like peace? Have you ever looked at the settling ocean water, raging high and low into tremendous waves and then finally laying smoothly across the river bed like a dream?; mixing with the warmth of sand.

    Have you ever had moments, where all you can think of is how you suddenly, out of no where, just like that learned to let things be as they are; settling for what you've got in life and not mourning over what's lost back in yesterdays. Each broken toy you tried to mend as a child but failed; each broken relationship you held tightly, putting efforts to pull it all back together but failed. All the struggles you've gone through and all the courage you held till the end brought you where you are today;

    and then at last it always felt like those harsh days weren't even so bad, for when they held your hand tight into their palm, hurting you bad, at the same time they also taught you to be the braver you, the stronger you; they looked you into your eyes and along with giving tears, they gave you strength, capablility of bearing everything, even worse that falls ahead. Those bad days made you, the one you are right now; the one who gets hit by thunder and still stands again, wiser and fearless.

    Broken seems too small a word at times; no one's left untouched by it. Each one of us have tales to cry over, still there're faces smiling when you look around yourself. What's gorgeous than that? learning to smile more, to wear confidence over your lips, doesn't mean your pain's less or you're without scars, it just means you've become someone fierce enough to let it not bother you; to live with the memories of it stacked at some corner of your head but not letting it slip in every aspect of you;

    for living, for smiles on lips of your family and friends holds so much more than getting affected by something not worth anything or damaging yourself. For with each sunrise; with the new start, you've learnt to settle with your past.


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