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    "I need solitude for my writing"
    _ Kafka

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    O Kafka

    Finally I'm writing a letter to you. Hope you'll read this someday while resting on the stillness of solace. I read you and your "metamorphosis" which wakes me up from the forgotten boxes of dust which are dancing on the tunes of darkness. Your words stab me and they heal my wounds like never before. I'm on this soundless barque and you're standing near me and looking at me adorably, your eyes are looking so poetic that I can't take off my eyes.

    I am floating on the petals of my dreams. Those petals are terribly beautiful that I can't explain to you because I make them listen to your letters which were portraying those true thoughts rather than back-stabbing words. I need solitude for my writing and your letters to Milena are giving me so much loneliness but I'm trying to scribble a rant for you and to hover on the meadows of imagination.

    Yes, I'm alone terribly alone ; so I'm writing this to you while watching the last sunset with the sixty seventh cup of coffee. I won't drink anymore, I promise because there's no coffee packets inside my kitchen box. I'm struggling to write, to think and to overthink. I'm bad at whispering sonnets while imagining the intense kiss of my sweetheart. So I'm here, still here and waiting for your read.

    again I'm tired.

    So signing off.

    From a lost soul whose only lighthouse is you || bidya