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    You once told me
    That "when you first saw my picture And my freckled smile.."
    "You knew right then
    You wanted to adopt me
    As your child.."

    You once told me
    With an adoring smile
    And your famous hug..
    That someone mentioned
    "That we looked exactly alike"
    And that, filled me with
    a Sense of belonging
    And pride..

    You once told me
    I could do anything, I wanted to..
    Anything, I set my mind to do..

    You once told me
    When I was shamefully drunk
    And afraid to go to the house
    Ready to sleep in the car
    If not the trunk.
    But, you got in and said to me
    In the dark and cold car..
    "That there was NOTHING I could do that would change the fact
    That I was your daughter.."
    And that "me
    Coming in the house
    Was always, an open offer.."

    You once told me
    After the surgery on your knee
    "That you were feeling great
    And you would be having the second surgery to fix the other knee"
    And "that I could call
    In the morning, tomorrow"
    But later on that evening
    Strong and independent
    You went to the bathroom without an attendant
    And you ended up falling
    To your own brain death..
    But in the end
    At this time
    I once told you..
    "It was now okay
    For you to let go"
    One tear trickling
    Down the right side
    Of your face..
    Then you took a final
    Heaving siggghhh
    While your last tear
    Trickled down
    Now, the peace-filled
    Left side of your face..
    And then you didn't cry
    Or Breathe Again.
    You are at peace
    And I will never forget

    "The things you once told me.."

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