• akilanoso 66w

    Two years ago, I imagined things different for myself. I always believed in happy ending and you to be my happily ever after. No, I was not a fool. I was in love. Madly. Until the time I realised you were not anymore. We were distant and growing apart from each other in the same city, in the same office, in the same bedroom. You never said anything but my soul understood a long time back that it was time to talk. But neither of us did. We were not ready. I was not ready to let you go. You were a life changing boat. An experience I would have never let slip alone for this growing distance. You made me feel smart and beautiful. You loved me for who I was. I had never felt this kind of attachment before. You showed this side of me that I never knew existed. You were my first and I hoped you would be my last. I learnt all of my love from you. You were my source. I have still not come to terms that you are not going to be a part of my life anymore. Not as a friend, not even a stranger. It scares me till death. It feels like I have known you forever and now I have been compelled to forget you but the truth is I will never. You were a part of me, you saw me grow, you helped me grow. Your footprints are embedded in my soul forever and I can never change that. That's the thing about first love.

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