• 17wishesforsadiah 16w

    Blooming in distance
    A flower sways sideways
    Dancing upto the beat of winds
    It catches shining sunrays
    Keeping them in her arms
    She looks up at the sky
    Winds are moist, clouds dry
    All world whispers birds are shy
    She rises above the ground
    Looks the birds into eye
    They fly around her at once
    Sky's now got another sun
    It's her eyes shining from up
    Like coffee in a paper cup
    She makes herself a sup
    Of dreams and miracles
    Breaking past all shackles
    She becomes the shining sun
    But the one slightly more fun

    Happy birthday Sadiahh! @daphnae

    Zaid, @virtually_real

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    You're the rising sun. Still a shining one.