• madendra_hs 96w

    Not thinking of you

    people say you reflect the person you think of most
    is that true
    am I looking like you
    am I becoming you
    I am not sure about the silver lining of truth
    I am not wise enough to understand all this
    but with you
    no, it's not true my mind never wonders around you
    i don't every time presume you in your black and red dress
    neither about your shinny bouncing hair and glittering eyes
    yes i don't think of you
    but what I do reminisce of is
    have you ever took notice about the steely look of mine
    what if you have seen me string you amid students behind
    how will I bring my words from heart to tongue
    oh god it's too difficult
    because I would rather die than face it if I've told you