• zainabikhan24 50w


    The most amazing moment was when we met
    The love and time I have shared with you
    have all been without regret...

    In spite of our love...
    I am painfully aware
    That you are gone,
    And no longer there..

    You made up your mind and you went away...
    as things started to not feel right...
    I know it's pointless to wish for you to stay...
    because at the end of the tunnel there is no more light

    Often I don't know what to say or do..
    So many times I have cried over you...
    Emptiness and sorrow is now a part of me,
    Since I have to accept that we will never be..


    Our memories continue to live in my heart
    As I wish you well with your brand-new start

    Please, believe me when I say
    You will always be with me
    Come what may