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    M I S T L E T O E.

    I had my eyes closed when that cold breeze kissed my dozed face along with caressing the green happy shrubs of the mistletoe right in my sight as if was trying to touch and then compare who is happier at the time.

    I could feel the moon trying talk to me gazing through the clouds, maybe, she was a bit covetous to see me in the warmth of your arms through that cold and blue night, as you were trying to put me a little closer to your heart, the moon started to fade, embracing her scars and hiding her face towards the other side of the earth so as she may give us space to conceal our hearts in the same sphere.

    That mistletoe as was trying to call me around it and pour her love over us, maybe she never wanted to mark her presence for us
    kiss my lips down that green shrub, will you?

    Maybe, I'm a little lucky or I'm a little luckier, cause, of course, I'm lucky as I got you by me, no matter how cold, dark and deep the night is, yours is the only light my eyes seeks for cause you only are the one I want to consecrate my time for.

    // The moon is never alone, it's always around the closest star from a distance//

    © Bhavya Baldev 2020

    You're the best thing that happened to me this year @galactus ��✨

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