• unknownswarachita 27w

    Real people

    In this phase of fakism,
    Some real people do exist,
    Fake stories they may create,
    They are the new age writing wrists!

    Real people, living in fake stories,
    The character they build for self and yours,
    You are mere a plot for them...
    Indeed they are real ofcourse!

    They know their real identity,
    They are well aware of their worth,
    The lies which they say,
    They accept solely the condemn since birth!

    Replica which they create,
    Created by the real people ofcourse!
    Are the best or worst people they imagine,
    In this world, which is even worse!

    They don't seclude themselves,
    From their imaginary thoughts,
    They are living in present,
    But the present imagination ofcourse!

    These are real,
    Because nothing left is real here,
    Silent stimulus better than the unexpected real,
    And 'them' is always normal, cuz nothn so special there!