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    She was waiting for a bus,
    With a 5 months old, in her lap.
    The little one suddenly started crying,
    After waking up from a nap.

    Oh my son,you must be hungry,
    You're needed to be fed.
    But how do I feed you,
    without sitting on a bed.

    The crying was getting louder,
    But how could the little one control it.
    And she forgot to carry the milk bottle,
    But anyhow found a place to sit.

    She opened the hook of her frock,
    And started feeding the toddler.
    While giving him a breast feeding.
    She saw some eyes staring at her.

    "Look how shameless she is",one of them said.
    She's showing her breast to us.
    She shouldn't had to do so at the public place,
    Couldn't she wait for the bus?

    You can't feed your kid here.
    Won't be for you, but for us it's embarrassing.
    Taunting with all these to her,
    They kept harassing .

    Oh wow what a perfectly shaped breast,
    I wish, if she could feed me.
    How lucky her baby is, who's getting that milk,
    I wish if I was that baby.

    Listening to all these she started crying,
    Still kept feeding her son.
    Hiding him in her arms tightly,
    She also tried hiding herself from the bad one.

    Rest public stood silently,
    Like it gave them any victory.
    Those who were unorthodox,
    Also couldn't change the history.

    She returned back home,
    With thousands of questions inside her.
    Was it wrong to feed her hungry child?
    But there was no one to guide her.

    The question that arises here is that,
    Why do we create issue over every thing.
    Aren't your wives,sisters,mothers have babies,
    Don't they give their kids, breastfeeding.

    When models and heroines show the
    bulge and shapes of their breasts.
    Everyone loves to see and appreciate them.
    Why don't men cover their own chests.

    To those,who feel excitements looking at breasts,
    Whenever they see cleavage.
    Why do you stare at those breasts
    Why do you tryna touch them,showing oneself sage.

    And to those women,
    Who feel shy to feed their kids in public
    And stop other women to do so,
    Are you all mentally sick?

    Why do you think that it's organ performance,
    It's not any intention.
    Why do you think if she's feeding her kid,
    Then she's giving you invitation.

    They just feed their hungry kid,
    It's the right of kids to have their food anywhere.
    We should not arrise questions on this activity,
    Stop acting weird and looking here and there.

    Don't you take your foods at public places?
    Does it make anyone feel embarrassed?
    Likewise it's the food of a baby.
    Then why breastfeeding makes you harrassed?

    Breast feeding is good for both mom and child,
    No one should feel shy.
    And if someone embarrasses you over it
    Just slap them with a question,',Why'?

    Let's change the world's mentality,
    Let's take a new resolution.
    It's the ultimate reply to all the orthodoxies,
    And this is the ultimate revolution.

    ©Rani Shri

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    Let the babies get their food
    Let the mothers feed.
    Let's change our thoughts,
    Let's bring a new need.

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