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    Com2LIFE *Read All About It

    Dolphins are really smart if they can use echo location to convert sound into images. However Mankind was designed to be highly intelligent and smarter than animals, so if a dolphin can do it, a blind man can see and those who already can see can develop the same knowledge a dolphin has obtained. Telepathy is something Mankind can develop as well. If you can communicate with The BEING WHO CREATED LIFE ITSELF aka GOD you can communicate telepathically with each other. Just learn to tune in on the same frequency levels and see eye to eye or it may not work. Who needs cell phones and paying month to month bills to keep in touch with family and friends when you can learn the wayves of the dolphins. It takes consistent practice to develop. "All Things Are Possible". If you're statement or thoughts contradict that phrase you have stopped believing to a curtain degree and shut your eyes and mind to Infinite knowledge and have placed limits own your life. Just do not limit others or that brings forth depression. Knowledge is Infinite so if you don't believe it's possible, look what dimension you're standing in with balls of energy like furnaces floating in nothing but empty space and matter is constantly being created from what? Something put energy here and spirits are made of that. Just know that creation never comes to an end but rotten things that do not give to life but only take, will end with the imperfection and the core of evil and wickedness that tried to stain All of Mans beautiful life and creation and destroy such a wonderful race call MANKIND. Stop fighting each other and dividing yourselves and turn from that and let those who wish to indulge in those acts starve and die. Thus you shall see them no more and peace will be forever yours. This is what I see, so here I share my thoughts and knowledge of what I've seen.


    How dare your government take knowledge and make those who struggle to live pay for it. A government that does this is an enemy but you are on it's territory. So your worries and fear os understood. However Man built that system so either rearrange the way it works to benefit all of life, or destroy the system. It's manipulating, hiding, & deceiving it's own people and letting crooks in and they're taking lives either behind it's people's backs or right in front of them. They either care or don't but it keeps happening. Tables are turning you robots who control the land and all of its sources. Man kind created a vicious robot call a system and now they are possessed by it and controlled to an extent and now they believe they must follow the rules they wrote to keep things in order. But there is always another way Man Kind. So shall it be revealed to ALL, for ALL to see and choose the path when it's shown in your time of moment.

    The way things were originally ment to be for GOD'S children, will return. All things will be corrected, like a self defense that was already in play. It's just a matter of waiting for things to fall into place. He Loves you all unconditionally and yes, righteousness will live again so yes death, will be nothing but a quick nap and you'll continue living. Expect loved ones to return.
    Just stay close to the very thing that gave birth to creation itself. He goes by different names in religions and in different languages. Seek him out, he'll meet you half way even if you do not go to church. He'll see your efforts. That's what he is looking for.

    I believe in you all Mankind. GOD has faith in each and everyone of you souls.

    It's A Movement For Mankind to Live Again
    Meaning: Communicate Together and Live. The choice is yours. (L)ove (I)s (F)or (E)veryone.

    For those of you left without a home, there is a way out for you.
    The streets are dirty, so let's keep it clean.
    The system isn't going to pay any attention to the homeless, to them they are the forgotten in the world but not to a spirit who loves his creation unconditionally.
    The system threw them into a hole and they have no way to reconnect to the world or struggle too so they're forced to look shameful when they should not be shammed upon unless they chose that life style by default and choose to live carelessly. Then shame on them.
    A rich man who can afford everything should pay homeless to keep the streets clean so they can eat and have shelter too and maybe then they can afford to get back on track.
    No one likes to be homeless and felt forgotten and no one likes to see a homeless person begging when there's another way to help. So do not look down upon them but see eye to eye with them, understand.
    If you lack the ability to help them you are understood. Do not feel bad. If you wish to help them, give them a proper sufficient job for them to be successful and help them progress. One that will help them advance along side the world so they know what it's like to be alive and live again like you all who have potential to create a new future. No Inmature man should assist them as he will do wrong by them. They are extremely sensitive because how the world sees them through it's eyes. Don't be like that world or you could find yourself falling in it and forced to walk their shoes too. Be above this dark world CREATION.

    Com2LIFE by Yungdanielson, Merci, & Daniel Solomon.