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    @writersnetwork do you think this belong to refrain? Anyways thank you ❤️

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    A threnody

    I blink in the eye of morose,
    trespassing the aftermath of
    carnage, the soil reeks of rotten
    blood and brewing forlorn.
    The golden sun settles on
    the forehead of warriors while
    pain camouflage,
    I thought that peace would
    stay forever: I was wrong.

    I burn on massacred battlefields,
    where flowers aren't plucked
    but slaughtered beneath feet
    turning their homes into barren
    lands. Winds blow away
    withered petals and eulogies
    are sung upon,
    I thought inhabitants be sheltered
    forever: I was wrong.

    I stand and recall last spoken
    words of a father, son and
    spouse choked inside throat
    while wrapping in the arms
    of motherland. Life looked like
    half burnt cigarette, there was
    much to offer but it snatched
    back, I thought that love would
    last forever: I was wrong.