• brahmandjetr 80w

    but i choose to.

    i’m not baffled
    by the noise of the traffic
    i’m not fazed
    by the silence in my mind

    i’m not rattled
    by the pandemonium you thrive on
    i’m not dazzled
    by the sheen of your skin

    i cannot belittle
    your efforts to survive
    i cannot disparage
    your attempts to keep moving

    i cannot be flustered
    by your whimsical caprice
    i cannot be ruffled
    by your impetuous impulse

    but i choose to.

    your thoughts, your words
    your lies, your cusses
    your headlong ruse
    and your blithering incuses

    your kinks, your passions
    your notions, your urges
    your fickle idiosyncrasies
    as your eccentricity converges -

    i sit here unshaken
    as still as a rock
    unwavering, as i am -
    as you prevalently mock
    as you skew, as you hurt
    as you spew, as your blurt
    as you recklessly slew
    as your seamlessly avert -

    from my periphery -
    i continue to hold on
    as you assert that I must
    from your sight begone

    i shouldn’t have to break,
    but i choose to.

    so, i hope you see what you are.
    and, i hope you see what this is.