• rishabhpal22 32w

    The Divine Saviour

    Since Time Immemorial, I have scouted this blue oasis.
    Unaware, chasing a wild goose,
    For what I seeked the most
    Had long left behind a horrifying hell.
    Yet; the last time I had taken a peek at the looking glass,
    The mist had not yet engulfed.

    The grass on which I walked was still sparkling green.
    Feels just like yesterday, when smiles adorned the faces of children.

    In the blink of a weary eye, we lost it all.
    Well, the grass is now blue, crumpled and 3-ply
    A brave army of gurneys and plastic
    Await your conscription

    Some with their faces revealed, others masked

    Perhaps they smile, but who knows anymore?
    At least, they say
    The furnace has the company and the oxygen

    The faces of those children, now forever tainted.
    And in the midst of this pathetic hell,
    Your Divine Saviour sticks by the scripture
    Painted, dead, bearded, vain.