• srinjay 61w

    Floating Dreams

    My dreams fly high,
    Above the sky.
    I am a kid without wings,
    To whom the whole world sings.
    When the end would seem nigh,
    You will be left with nowhere to cry.

    They say the eyes of a boy like me,
    Are meant to see the ordinary.
    It is upto me to prove them wrong,
    As I go about writing my song.
    It becomes important to keep the mind free,
    Of white noise from those who disagree.

    They say my shoulders don't have the power,
    To carry along my dreams' tower.
    Their words hit like a brick wall,
    Through which I back my dreams to crawl.
    With help of blessings loved ones shower,
    Pushing me through a bad hour.

    The people try hard to pull me down,
    They make me look like a clown.
    My dreams find residence in my heart,
    No rejections can do us apart.
    So laugh all you want while I sport a frown,
    But rest assured my dreams won't drown.