• petrichor_tales 57w

    I'd decry every humanly experience
    Every heavenly notion and reincarnation
    If it meant I'll be free of every chain
    If I'll be blessed to give birth again
    My creations will live on,
    maybe not my name
    And if by chance,
    existences were but trivially ephemeral
    I'll make love with the nature under the stars
    with the night and the dawn
    And birth words of passion,
    children of compassion,
    capable of creating ethereal moments
    of creative proliferation.
    From under the canopy of thoughts I'd try to peek at hopeful stars.
    It's hard at times, when the foliage is thick and dark
    but I know it exists,
    sprawling above them and then beyond.
    for as long I'm aware of its existence, I couldn't ever give up


    P.C: Pierre Pellegrini (Instagram)

    Thank you for the kind repost @writersnetwork

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