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    A fortunately fictional submission to the #cees_greet_chall, hosted on my other account. Thank you for reading!

    by Carolyn Glackin
    A clandestine greeting
    Well beyond closed doors
    Led to a lifetime
    I soon grew to abhor

    In a bright gilded cage
    That at first, seemed like bliss
    Lo! I should have looked closer
    Alas, I was remiss!

    What a shyster was he!
    So deceitful and cunning
    Had I seen things more clearly
    I'd soon have gone running

    So innocent I was
    So naive and unschooled
    Thus he swept right on in
    And he soon had me fooled

    So stealthy his ways
    So reckless his art
    As he stole, piece by piece
    From my soul and my heart

    Have faith now, dear friends
    For this tale's not yet told
    See, I won each piece back
    And I scorned him tenfold!

    I beat him, I did!
    At his very own game!
    Now that man stands alone
    With his guilt and his shame

    As for me? I'm just fine
    I can hardly complain
    I gained back quite a lot
    By losing his name

    Oh yes, love's quite grand
    When it's real and it's true
    But when it's a sham
    It can leave you unglued

    So stay true to yourself
    And hold fast to your heart
    Be your own first true love
    That'll be a good start

    Let no one else in
    Until you're quite sure
    You've found a true gem
    Within him or with her

    For love is a gift
    And a sight to behold
    'Tis the love that is true
    Can't be bought, can't be sold

    Be wise in your dealings
    Be strong in your heart
    And you'll soon find a love
    From which neither will part.
    Copyright Carolyn Glackin 7/10/2021

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