• maestral 13w

    For all those dear poets, whose pages and poems I have visited but not left a comment, for being overwhelmed, I did not know what to say.

    #miraquill #ceesreposts

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    Frost on your window pane

    I have visited your garden secretly at night
    And smelled the roses and the jasmines
    One by one

    Perhaps I left my footprints behind
    For I can't find them anymore
    I marveled that in your garden
    Roses have no thorns
    Nor the jasmine vines any serpents

    So often I have paused
    To knock on your window
    To tell you how much I love your garden
    So often have I turned away
    For what could I ever say
    That would not sound like an echo
    An obligation the mountain feels
    To return your voice mail
    As it were

    I am contrite for having stopped in your garden
    And not left behind anything but a footprint
    And when you pick it up
    You perhaps believe
    That I had come only to steal some flowers
    And not to write my name
    On the frost on your window pane