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    Cyclone :- Jawad

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    Inclining heart
    to the soil; Drinking
    the sweats of forehead
    He works to feed the hungry
    stomach. But the change in m-
    onsoon was just like the acid attack to his face .
    Boreas (north wind) along with the The flame of bonfire
    can't drench the fire burning in the heart.. Dear!! December ��
    Other s Feel the chilled night wrap
    ped by sheet of snowflakes but
    the soured plum smiles fr--om
    the Lenin of snow
    flurry as her heart
    has been fro
    zen hold
    ing the
    acidic womb.. Hell drops (rain drops) for the demon
    the unwanted d unworthy cyclone in the time production has
    been a sin where the hope has been forlorn. He doesn't work
    for this outcome..People can discuss this but can't relate and
    feel the thing that he and his family can.Carrying the toxic behind
    white you have created scars upon the golden metaphors that ne
    ver need your doctrine And never wanna bleed the oxymoron as he
    knows only to feed other. Dear December!! Your entrance has been intrusion where his life has taken a reverse gear. Pls stop this unseen massacre (thunderstorm) in the wintertide. ��������©2chinmayee

    Can't upload the actual picture . But hope you can feel it.

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