• snehamitra 28w

    God--> What if

    Up there far far from here
    Stays the superbeing,they say.

    What if he just stays and stares at us like we're all the contestants being auditioned?

    What if we're just the puppets that are being moved according to his wish?

    What if he creates the problems just to feel thrilled when he gets bored?

    What if all the tragedy that occurs due to pandemic is just a comedy to him?

    If he exists is he so heart less to let all this happen or is he some sort of psychopath who enjoys when people suffer?

    What if he is just troubling to remind all that there exists a theos within thyself?

    If he's really there, why would he let people waste resources in the name of offerings to him?

    Or is it because he became egoistic just like humans? - expecting something in return after doing some favour.