• silverspoon 28w

    In Life's game

    I really want to write a happy lore
    Its been my dream forever now
    Will that ever happen or will I be no more
    My heart is wrenched in pain somehow

    I smile and smile in all the trying times
    Make decisions with kindness first
    I recall that I repeat myself like wind chimes
    Same sounds but different tones of dust

    My screams may sound similar
    But the want to be understood is the same
    Now im not scared of anyones demeanor
    Lost all the will in this life's game

    What might come, will come
    What may not, will not
    Id rather this or that but im so numb
    Im getting colder and theres nothing hot

    I cannot run and I cannot drown
    I cannot float either or even fly
    All I want to do is write a happy lore
    For you to laugh with me and share a tear of joy