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    As he began to move, Kritika clutched him tight. It's been 3 warm days, for anyone to get addicted. But Abhinav had taken leave for that many days, so when he woke up on the fourth day, Kritika resisted.

    "I've to go, baby."
    "To office."
    "Why? Aditya won't mind your absence. He's sweet."

    As she babbled through her sleep, Abhinav kissed on her forehead, and tucked her well inside the blanket.

    "I know he's sweet, and that's why i think i should be going. We shouldn't take advantage of sweet people, right?"
    "Umm, yeah. No point in arguing. You've already left the bed, and me."
    "You're so adorable right now. Believe me, if it were to me, I'd never have left this bed."

    He got himself ready, and was about to sit on dining, when Kritika entered too. She had also got ready, wearing a bright yellow saree with broad red border, and contrast jewellery. The adorable kid, Abhinav left in the bed, had turned to a gorgeous lady who still has the power to take his breath away.

    "I never knew my Kitten has plans for today as well."
    "What would i do alone at home? So, i thought.."
    "So you thought to go to your office?"
    "Kind of. First I'll go there, but then, I've other plans."
    "Stop questioning, Abhi. Some things need to be kept as secret."
    "Even with our better halves?"
    "Specially with our better halves!"

    And that statement brought a laugh on Kritika's face, but a sense of doubt on Abhinav's face. The constant thought of Aditya made him tremble. He was ready to let go of Kritika, till she had revealed her love to him. But now, after all the clearance, and specially after spending such good time with her, so closely, he can't let go of her. He was possessive earlier too, now his possession had turned to obsession. The more he gets of Kritika, the more he wants. He shut off all his overthinking, as he got up, and went to her seat to kiss her on lips. It was abrupt, but worth the doubts, he was having. She kissed him back. And they both went off their ways.

    "Hey, Abhinav. Good to see you back! We all missed you."
    "Thank you so much sir. Yesterday, i saw, there were so many headlines about our company on various channels of television."
    "Is that why, you're glowing? Or there's something else?"

    Abhinav felt a spark in his eyes, he knew he was happy. For both the reasons, yet he wanted to tell Aditya, that Kritika has finally accepted him and she belonged to him.

    "Ofcourse, I'm happy about the news. Though this is more about my wife."
    "Indeed! I see. Kritika had really changed my rooftop for the best. She's a talented woman. You're a lucky husband, Abhinav."
    "That i truly am! Her love has kept me alive all these years. Sometimes i wonder, where would i be without her?"
    "Haha! You both are quite romantic. Tell me, when both of you are going to give your boss a good news?"

    This thought made him blush. He wanted a child too. But they hadn't been close since marriage. Past three days have been their closest, and he had felt so many times that Kritika was willing to make love to him. That thought bring a smile on his face.

    "Someone is dreaming already!"
    "Come on, boss! Stop teasing your employee like this. We are both kids only!"
    "I see the kid in you getting excited on the thought of making kid?"
    "You! Sir!"

    They both laughed out loud, and Abhinav left Aditya's cabin. To deal with Abhinav felt easy than he thought. He thought he might feel jealous, but to his astonishment, Aditya felt relieved knowing Kritika was loved by his husband. He looked up the portrait, and felt a twisting pain in his chest. He wanted to have her, in front of him, right now. But he also knew, if she was there, it would be impossible for him to stop himself from hugging her.

    "May i come in, sir?"

    The voice felt familiar, and his heart pounded when he acknowledged whose it was. He immediately stood up, and tried to hide the portrait. It fell off his hand, and the glass broke. He went nervous, and spoke, "A little busy, please wait for a while." He then, picked up all the pieces, and put them to the bin. The portrait was made on a big chart paper, which he folded in a long cylinderical shape, and secured with a rubber tie. He, then, opened up his cupboard and was about to keep it inside, when the door opened, and Kritika was standing there, smiling.

    "What's that, Aditya?"
    "Huh? Nothing, nothing. What are you talking about?"
    "Are you free, by the way?"
    "No madam, I'm exclusively busy."
    "My mistake, that i asked for your time. Okay, let's try again. You're coming with me, in your car, that I'll drive, down to the Golden cuisine cafe, where I'd like to discuss few things. Fine?"
    "Haha! As if i have a choice. By the way, is Abhinav also joining us?"

    She rushed to him, and put her hand on his mouth. He looked astonished and unable to respond. Only when she whispered, "it's a secret, stupid. I've not told him, I'm here. So you better keep your mouth shut. Also, Mr. Mehra has seen me here, and few of your staff members. Make sure, they don't tell Abhi."
    She waited for him to speak, but he pointed at his mouth which was still under her cover.
    "Oops sorry. Yea speak now!"
    "You are crazy!"
    "People go crazy in love. It's normal."
    "Sure. So we're already planning for a secret affair?"

    She blushed on his flirtatious tone. And he made a call, to make up for the arrangements. He was excited to spend time with her, even if he knew it was extremely hard to sit beside her, without getting close.


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    He looked up the portrait, and felt a twisting pain in his chest. He wanted to have her, in front of him, right now.