• sumayah_ams 17w

    Things I left when I left my room in KSA
    (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia)
    #left #wod @writersnetwork @miraquill

    Ohh the nostalgia...

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    Lost territory

    A navajo white wall with a queue of
    horizontal lines
    Each signify the number of summers I spent.

    A door to my room with caramel brown tint
    15 years old black scribblings adorned its surface.

    A Byzantium vanity table garnished
    With a crimson cracked corner
    Reflecting the nostalgia of first fight we had as siblings.

    A silhouetted window with fractured dark glass
    that filtered the morning candescent
    sun rays.

    A king-sized sleigh bed with edges still intact
    A sign testifying the harmonious sleeps I had.

    A lavender mattress scintillating the freshness of musk and oud
    That resonates the giggles of past, sobs of present and stillness that comes ahead.