• lovenotes_from_carolyn 26w

    by lovenotes_from_carolyn
    In quietude, we walked along
    Hand in hand
    Without a word spoken
    As our silence spoke a language
    All its own
    Upon finding ourselves
    In unfamiliar places
    We embraced the unknown
    Whilst gazing at the horizon
    In eager anticipation
    Of the bright new vistas ahead
    In a nebulous nexus
    Of verdant visages
    Our hearts are one with the forest
    A mellifluous milieu
    Leads us to
    A reverential reverence
    Inspired by the bountiful beauty
    That surrounds us
    The sky of azure blue
    Winks at us intermittently
    Through the celestial solar rays
    That dart about the wooded glade
    Nature's artistry
    Continues to adorn our eyes
    As bright and cheery birdsong
    Alights upon our ears
    After bidding adieu
    To a few ancient pines
    We make our way out of the forest
    Hand in hand, in our silence
    That speaks so much
    We retreat from the
    Splendor of the woods
    Oh but we'll soon be back
    Often and again, we'll be back.
    ©lovenotes_from_carolyn 2/15/2022

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