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    The 'L' in Love stands for Loathe

    I grew daisies and sunflowers
    in your heart and watered them
    all winter only to lose them.
    Little did I know that
    I am going to drown
    with wrinkling hopes.
    Maybe I watered them
    too much
    leaving little or no oxygen for you.

    //I didn't know you felt choked.

    I always thought our love
    will be embellished in the same way
    as the famous painting of Rembrandt.
    Or where poets will write a play
    similar to Romeo and Juliet.
    Where our love will symbolise
    humility, care and passion.
    But you tossed that love aside
    like an unholy nightmare
    while I kept dreaming this
    as if I never have to wake again.

    //I didn't know your smile hid a constant suffocation

    Your name in my mouth
    dissolves in a comforting way
    like a sweet cotton candy
    and soon it dissolved in my heart.
    Little did I know that
    my heart dissolved for you
    and when the spring will arrive,
    there might be no sunflowers and daisies
    growing in my heart.
    Because you didn't water me
    and your love turned into weed.

    //I didn't know my heart will die as soon as your love dies